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Emergency Responders across the country use police radios to communicate live events in the course of duty. A public feed was setup locally to make it possible for anyone to listen without the need for a physical scanner. 

Hale Multimedia started the Scotts Bluff County Scanner Live Feed under a license from Broadcastify in 2009. The Scotts Bluff County Scanner and all of it's entities and properties are under the direction and management of Hale Multimedia and their team of volunteers.

Per capita, sbcoscanner boasts more listeners than any scanner in the state including Omaha and often makes the U.S. Top 25 list of most listened to scanners.

To get a great idea of what listeners will hear, read our scanner recaps every day on https://diggingdeeper.net/tag/scannerrecap/

Our Facebook page reaches more than 60,000 people a month with an average of 5000 daily reactions on the page. Our primary demographic on Facebook is split evenly between 25-34 (23.4%), 35-44 (24.2%) and 45-54 (20.1%).

Scotts Bluff County Scanner

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